Tech Resources for COVID administrators

From an adminsitrator's point of view, COVID has been a problem of data management - keeping track of incidence numbers, tracking growth, conducting vaccination campaigns, undertaking testing drives etc. There are many technologies these administrators can pick from to make their jobs easy, and fully contribute to the end goal - saving lives. This page assumes apps built with the WorkMap no-code data management and workflow automation solution, but administrators can find similar options with other vendors as well.

Patient Web Forms

Gather information directly from patients through web forms - vaccination registration, test registration, reporting COVID cases in the family or neighbourhood, providing feedback to health authorities and more

Vaccination Tracking

Capture patient details, along with details of vaccinations administered to them. Mine this data for insights - gender and demographic trends, vaccination rates, adverse reaction rates etc.

Test Tracking

Track details of patients and tests performed on these patients. Get insights from this data - positivity rates, demographic trends, testing rates and more.

Appointment self scheduling

Allow patients to select vaccination centers and self schedule themselves for vaccination, testing or other appointments

Reminders and Notifications

Allow people to sign up and get alerted via email and SMS about upcoming appointments, public announcements, public health guidelines etc.

Emergency Staffing

Automatically match surplus resources in non-covid departments with excess emergency requirements in COVID departments

Staff Testing

Organize the effort of periodically testing front line staff.

Equipment inventory

Keep on top of supplies needed to battle COVID - PPE Kits, Testing Kits, Sanitizers, Masks etc.

Data Dashboards

Get a birds eye view of your COVID campaigns with graphs, charts, trend lines through visual reports

Volunteer Recruitment

Allow the public to volunteer for different requirements through volunteer recruitment forms

Out of school activities for Students

This one is for education - Organize out of school activities for students, especially as students spend their time attending classes from home.

Grants disbursements

Organize the disbursements of federal or state grants for optimal utilization and tracking of funds